Country: Uruguay
Department: Tacuarembó


Located in the north of Uruguay, Arboreal is positioned in a strategic place in terms of the availability of raw materials. Around our plant within a radius of less than 100 km it is possible to find almost 80% of the Taeda pine forest mass in all of Uruguay.

Arboreal is located in Uruguay, a country which offers endless natural landscapes
on its 176,000 km2.The respect for the environment is a national responsibility,
95% of Uruguay’s electricity is produced from renewable sources, 30% of
which comes from wind farms. These features are an added value for many consumers.

It is the largest department of Uruguay and part of its northern region. Located 400 Km from Montevideo, Tacuarembo is a nerve center of the forestry sector in the country. Some of the biggest forest plantations are located here.